Build: 7508.1/2

Date: 01-May-13

Would you like to sell a single line item to your customers that would automatically update a group of inventory items, AND prevent the details that make up your recipe (or material list) from being shown to your customer? Our new ability to hide zero priced line items in the Paladin POS Kit system allows you to do exactly that.

If this feature is enabled, every time you store or update a Kit, a new option is displayed on the Store Transaction wizard window. If you check the box beside “Hide Items with Price of $0.00″, anytime this kit is printed on an invoice or quote lines with a zero price will be hidden from customer documents. All lines in the kit are still displayed on the sales person’s monitor, but not on customer documents.

Any Kit that is recalled and then re-saved to the database will automatically check the “Hide Items” box if that box was previously checked.

You now have a solution to efficiently invoice customers for the items you manufacture, assemble, provide as a completed group or blend into a single sales item. Inventory mastery has achieved a new level with this enhancement. Here are a few examples:

  • Pharmacy: You can now manage the various intravenous packaging components used in the production of IV solutions. Store these details as a kit then recall and edit the quantities and place your invoice On-Hold or Special Order. This helps guarantee there are enough supplies to meet your customers’ demands.
  • Feed & Seed: Maintain inventory control on all the components that are part of every finished product you blend or mill (and keep these details from the customer).
  • Lawn & Garden: Use this feature to manage your potting soil mixes.
  • Contractor Supply: Manage all the hardware and subcomponents present in complex assemblies such as pre-hung or roll up doors.

To enable this feature click File – Setup – Invoice (Store) and check the box beside “Enable Hiding Kit Components” (naturally “Enable Kit Functionality” must be previously selected). Click Save and exit Setup.

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