Build: 7971

Date: 25-Jan-14

Have you ever wished that a single keystroke or click inside Paladin POS would tell you the quantity present at your supplier’s warehouse for an item?  Yes, you could log into their web store and search for the item, but that requires many keystrokes and you must retype the part number into your supplier’s website.

If you purchase product from Handy Hardware, your wish has been granted.  From within the Paladin POS invoicing system, inventory module AND the purchase order module you can receive your answer with a single keystroke.  Each of these modules feature a new icon labeled F7 Stock Check (Multi store already has this icon labeled F7 Stock Transfer).  Highlight any line (in invoice and PO) and press F7.  A new display window is presented detailing your supplier’s quantity stock on hand and quantity on order.  Multi-store users will find the supplier’s data presented on the top line of the display above your store locations.


This will be a great customer service tool to drive add-on orders that might have previously gotten away.  If your customer wants this item ordered, complete the invoice as a special order and a PO will be automatically generated.  Need training in the use of the Paladin POS Special Order system?  Contact Paladin Customer Support and request a one-on-one training session in the Paladin Special Order and Inventory on Hold systems.

We’ll add a teaser here for stores that read their release notes… Real time stock checks are being built for several suppliers.  All suppliers that you do business with (that provide the feature) will display their stock on hand quantity in this window.  This new F7 Stock Check system is also the base to support our “Multi-Store Lite” remote stock checking system that will check and display stocking levels in real time from your other stores.  Why order more product if your other location has a surplus?  Watch for these features coming on line over the next few months.

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