This feature only applies to stores that use the True Value Hardware EDI system to send and receive purchase orders.

While sending purchase orders using True Value EDI is very reliable, occasionally internet glitches or other communication issues can occur. To give you peace of mind that your True Value purchase order was received, Paladin Point of Sale will now wait for a receipt confirmation file from True Value and inform you when it arrives.

How it works

In the PO module, when you create a True Value purchase order, and then click Buy or press F1, Paladin Point of Sale will electronically transmit the order using the EDI system. Afterwards, the EDI process will wait for a confirmation file from True Value to verify that the order was received.

During the waiting period, in Paladin Point of Sale, an EDI Maintenance window appears with this message: Waiting for Confirmation file. A green progress bar indicates that we are actively listening for a confirmation file while a seconds counter tracks the waiting time.

Waiting for confirmation notification and progress bar

Note: At any time, you can stop the confirmation monitoring process by clicking Cancel, and the window will close. This does not cancel the purchase order.

When Paladin Point of Sale receives the True Value confirmation file from True Value, in the EDI Maintenance window, this message appears: Confirmation file process successfully.

Confirmation message that True Value PO was received

Confirmation typically occurs quickly. However, Paladin Point of Sale will wait up to five minutes to receive a confirmation file from True Value.

Note: Occasionally, the EDI Processing window may also show this message: A previous confirmation file was found and processed. This message is not about the current confirmation process. It appears when you cancelled the confirmation notification process for a previous True Value purchase order before the confirmation file was received. Each time you send a new True Value purchase order, Paladin Point of Sale automatically checks for previous unprocessed confirmations, so it can process them and create a True Value PO Confirm report, accessible from the EDI Reporting window (this feature is described below).

Message that a previously unprocessed file is being processed

Viewing True Value purchase order confirmations in the EDI Reporting window

When a True Value confirmation file is received and processed, a True Value PO Confirm report will appear in the EDI Reporting window.

To view PO Confirm EDI reports, do this:

  1. In Inventory module click EDI or press F7.
  2. In the EDI Processing window, click Reporting.
  3. In the EDI Reporting window, enter a date range, and then click Get EDI Records.
  4. In the search results, in the Record Type column, look for entries with this name: PO Confirm.


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