Build:  8795

Date:  20-Feb-15  Case 42366

FSA credit cards on file in stores equipped with the new encrypting P2PE credit card devices have received a new feature with this build.  Historically, every time a card on file was used at checkout, a ‘card lookup’ function was performed with the card’s issuing bank.  This action would identify all pertinent details of the card i.e. as an FSA card.  Users experienced occasional issues with FSA cards (tokens) on file returning from the card lookup function without being identified as FSA cards.

Since we can’t change the National card processing system, we can change how we work with it.  From this point on, encrypted cards (tokens) on file will not perform a card lookup request.  We will instead use the card profile originally identified for the card when it was encrypted and tokenized.  This action should stabilize recall and use of FSA cards on file.

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