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Build date: 3-May-16 Case 48246

To help prevent incorrect supplier ratios, a warning appears when you try to save an inventory item with a supplier ratio that is less than one (supplier ratio < 1) and an order quantity that is equal to one (order quantity = 1).

The picture shows an example of this warning message.

Supplier ratio warning

Although supplier ratios are typically less than one, the order quantity is almost always greater than 1. The one exception is if you are buying single items and bundling them. For example, if you sell cans of paint in bundles of 2, but buy them as single cans, your supplier ratio would be 0.5 and your order quantity would be 1. This is called a reverse supplier ratio. Reverse supplier ratios exist, but are uncommon.

This warning lets you know that your supplier ratio or order quantity may not be correct, and suggests that you verify the values.

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For more information about supplier rations, see our Knowledge Base article About Supplier Ratios. You can also watch our webinar Not My First Ratio – Wrangling Your Supplier Ratios

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