Build: 8285

Date:  30-May-14

In rare cases stores have built / imported massive inventory management lists (like Dept, Class, and Location).  This unexpected use of Paladin POS can impact item recall speed in the Inventory Module.  To mitigate the impact of these massive lists we have changed when and how these lists are loaded and made available for use.  Since the creation of Paladin POS for Windows these lists have been loaded simultaneously with the inventory part being recalled.  We believed the most current information should be available in case a user wanted to select a different entry from one of these lists.

Beginning with this build, the content to populate the above mentioned lists will be retrieved from the database when a user clicks on the input field for that list.  Everyone will see a performance improvement regarding part number retrieval (since we’re not loading the lists at part number recall).  Considering typical usage of inventory item recall doesn’t involve changing a dept, class or location, list population has been reduced from every item recalled to only items that have a list field clicked.

Stores with ‘normal’ sized lists will see the list drop downs immediately filled and displayed.  The few stores that maintain massive lists will have to wait for their selected list to be loaded and displayed.

While Paladin POS can handle massive reference lists, we ask everyone to seriously consider what management decisions could possibly be gained from tens or hundreds of thousands of locations, departments or classes.

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