Build: 8274

Date:  23-May-14

All components listed in a kit must be active – available inventory.  It is for this reason that since the introduction of the Paladin POS Kit feature all Inventory Delete and Rename functions are required to perform the additional step of verifying the item about to be renamed / deleted is in fact not listed inside any kit.  Some stores experienced a slow down in rename / delete functions because of this additional required safety check.

Beginning with build 8274, stores with extensive lists of active kits will be pleased with the improved performance of the rename / delete functions in inventory.  While a line by line check of kits is still required, Paladin Development has ‘supercharged’ the process and the result is a significantly faster check of all kit lines for the item about to be renamed or deleted.

Users will still receive the same warning message stating a rename / delete function can not be carried out if one or more kits utilizing this inventory item is discovered.

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