July 14, 2016
We hope you see value in our products and services. And, as you have likely experienced in your stores, recent changes in the regulatory landscape have increased the cost of doing business. Our cost-saving activities are no longer enough.

To continue to offer you excellent products and services, we are increasing our SaaS monthly subscription starting September 1, 2016. This change will appear on your August, 2016 mid-month subscription invoice.

Note: Stores that have been with Paladin for less than one year will be exempt from this change until their one-year anniversary.

The price increase is a per-terminal fee, and only applies to the first 10 terminals in your store.

  • For terminals 1-5, the fee is $7 per terminal.
  • For terminals 6-10, the fee is $5 per terminal.
  • For terminals 11 or greater, there is no additional fee.

The following table shows the subscription change per store based on the number of licensed terminals.

Number of licensed terminals Total monthly subscription change
1 $7
2 $14
3 $21
4 $28
5 $35
6 $40
7 $45
8 $50
9 $55
10 or more $60

We value your business and will continue to do all we can to keep our costs low.

If you have questions or suggestions about this information, contact support@paladinpos.com.