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Build date:  26-Jul-17 Case 86271

In the PaladinNSight™ Non-Performing Assets Tool, we corrected an issue that prevented an Excel spreadsheet from appearing when you clicked Excel Report.

About PaladinNsight™ and the multi-item removal feature

The PaladinNsight™ dashboard and tools that are available to manager and higher-level employees on the Inventory module in Paladin Point of Sale.

PaladinNsight™ advanced technology is always working behind-the-scenes to help you manage and grow your business. This includes discovering and presenting potentially-obsolete items for your review. The Lost Opportunity Tool and the Investment Review Tool are part of the PaladinNsight™ suite. Both tools include a multi-item removal feature that makes it easy to evaluate and selectively remove (delete) multiple obsolete items from your active inventory at the same time. To learn more about this and other PaladinNsight™ features, see the following resources.

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