Build: 9197
Build date: 10-Aug-15 Case 51349

The Negative SOH List report now runs correctly when you specify a range of Supplier values in the Report Settings pane. The location ID issue with the single store version of the report also no longer occurs.

About the Negative SOH List report

The Negative SOH List report gives you a list of items in your active inventory with stock on hand (SOH) values that are less than zero (0). A Negative SOH value typically indicates a problem, and often you are not out of the item.

You also have the option to run this report to find active inventory items with a SOH of zero.

To create a Negative SOH List report, follow these steps:

  1. Open Paladin Point of Sale.
  2. On the top ribbon, click the Reports module.
  3. In the Reports tab, in the Report Area pane, click Inventory, and then click General.
  4. In the Report List pane, click Negative SOH List.
  5. In the Choose Report pane, click F12 Next.
  6. In the Report Settings pane, enter the range of values for the inventory items and the locations you want to search.
  7. In the Additional Settings pane, select the Include items with zero SOH? check box if you want to show items that have a zero (0) stock on hand value.
  8. In the Sorting Options pane, select the options for displaying your search results in the report.
  9. Click F12 Run Report to create the report.

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