Build: 9518
Build date: 24-Nov-15

We’ve reduced the time it takes to print a receipt during checkout. Previously, a slight delay may have occurred while the cash drawer opened and Watcher Total Protection video security system data was transmitted (for customers who subscribe to this service). Now, the receipt is sent to the printer first.

About Watcher Total Protection

The Watcher Total Protection video security system works with Paladin Point of Sale to make it easy to search for surveillance video associated with a Paladin Point of Sale transaction. For example, you can search a video recording by the sale of a specific product, an invoice amount, the payment type, the invoice number and many cashier actions, such as opening the cash drawer when there is no sale.

For more information about how Watcher Total Protection and Paladin POS can work together, see the previous Security Video Interface build notice.

If you are interested in setting up Paladin POS to work with Watcher Total Protection video surveillance systems, contact Paladin Point of Sale Customer Support (1-800-725-2346,option 2 or

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