Build: 2_830
Build date: 8-Aug-17 Case 87818

This update only applies to stores that use the Stop Meth feature with Ingenico 250 payment terminals.

On Ingenico 250 payment terminals, when the Stop Meth feature is turned on, the signature screen advances correctly.

What is the Stop Meth feature?

When a customer purchases items that have been identified by the store as containing restricted components, such as pseudoephedrine, the Stop Meth feature will require the cashier to collect ID information and a signature. During the Stop Meth feature setup process, a Paladin Point of Sale class for restricted items is defined. At checkout, when a customer purchases an item that has been added to this class, the following occurs:

  • A window appears and the cashier must ask for the customer’s ID, and then scan the driver’s license with a 2D scanner or manually enter the customer’s name, phone number, ID number, and state. This information will be printed on the receipt and stored in Paladin Point of Sale. It will also appear in the Transaction Report.
  • The customer’s manual or electronic signature will be required. If the store does not use a signature capture pad, a second receipt is printed for the customer to sign. The store must keep the signed receipt in their records.

To setup the Stop Meth feature in your store, contact Paladin Support (1-800-725-2346, option 2 or

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