Build:  8739

Date:  27-Jan-15

As reported for Build 8699 (search E2E in the Paladin feature browser), a new payment processor was introduced into Paladin POS to support Mercury’s end to end encryption systems.  While the concept of an automatic update to a new processor type was solid, the roll out of this change in our test stores wasn’t as seamless as we like.

To improve roll out of the new processor type, we’ve moved the implementation date out to 03-Mar-15.  This allows stores running the new P2PE encrypting payment terminals time to verify all checkout lanes have updated to this build or newer prior to 03-Mar-15.

On 03-Mar-15, stores running P2PE systems will automatically update their payment processor from Mercury to Mercury E2E.  This will have no effect on any terminal that has updated to this build or newer.  Any terminal NOT updated will be unable to perform customer checkout functions until updated.

If a terminal is found with an older version, click Help and then click Check for Updates.

If you have questions or suggestions about this information, contact