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Build date: 16-Sep-16 Case 71020

During House Hasson EDI processing the abbreviation for ‘each’ as a unit of measure is changed from EA (House Hasson) to EACH (Paladin Point of Sale). Units of measure are displayed in many places throughout Paladin Point of Sale, including reports, purchase orders and invoices.

The conversion from EA to EACH is not retroactive. Therefore, you may still see the abbreviation EA from previous EDI processing.

If you would like to convert all instances of EA to EACH in your database, you can do one of the following:

Option 1: Do it yourself with our inventory data export and import features.

IMPORTANT: Inventory data changes made with the inventory data export and import process must be done carefully by someone who understands the inventory export and import features, and who is an expert in manipulating inventory data in Excel. To protect your store data, you must backup your database before you make changes.

The following Knowledge Base articles explain how to import and export Paladin Point of Sale inventory data:

These links will open the article in the same window as this release note.

To view these articles in a separate web browser window, follow these steps:

  1. In Paladin Point of Sale, on the Help menu, click Knowledge Base. The Help Portal will open in a new web browser window.
  2. In the menu, click Knowledge Base.
  3. In the search bar, type the article title , and then click Search.
  4. In the search results, click the article title to view it.

When you export inventory data, the unit of measure is a numerical value found in the UOMID column. The numerical values and the units of measure they represent are individual to your store.

To view your Paladin Point of Sale unit of measure list, follow these steps:

  1. On the top ribbon, click the Inventory module.
  2. Display any inventory item.
  3. Click the General tab.
  4. In the Item Information pane, expand the list of U/M field values.

Inventory unit of measure list
Option 2: Hire us to do it for you.

Call 1-800-725-2346, select option 2, and ask for a member of our data team  or email


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