Build: 2_805
Build date: 21-Jul-17

To match other date searches in Paladin Point of Sale, in the EDI Reporting window, when you search for EDI processing reports for a range of dates, the Start Date and End Date are included in the date range. Previously, the search results did not include reports that were created on the specified Start Date and End Date.

For example, if you search for reports between July 30, 2017 (Start Date) and August 7, 2017 (End Date), you will see you will see EDI processing reports that are dated from July 30, 2017 to August 7, 2017. Previously, only reports dated from July 31, 2017 to August 6, 2017 were returned.

To open the EDI Reporting window, in the Inventory module, on the bottom ribbon, click EDI or press F9, and then click Reporting.

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