Build:  9703
Build date: 9-Mar-16

When you save a new or updated non-inventory item in the Inventory module, the Item Cost values on the Pricing tab and the order quantity value (Order Qty) on the Order Control tab are set to zero.

Non-zero cost and order quantity values for existing non-inventory items will remain until you make a change to the item and save it.

However, all non-inventory items─including non-inventory items with non-zero cost and order quantity values─are now excluded from the Suggested Order Report.

Paladin Point of Sale recommends using non-inventory items only for non-tangible items that have no physical SOH.

Another recent Paladin Point of Sale update (build 9597) sets the stock on hand (SOH) value to zero when a non-inventory item is saved. To learn more, see Non-inventory SOH set to 0 when created or saved.

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