Build: 2_568, 9976.86
Build date: 3-Mar-17

The Break Pack Threshold $ value in Paladin Configuration displays correctly. Previously the $10 default value and manually-entered large values did not display.

About the Break Pack Threshold $ setting

The Break Pack Threshold $ value sets the maximum price you will pay for a supplier’s case or shelf pack when it contains more items than you need. When the threshold is exceeded, and both the supplier and item support broken cartons, EDI processing will “break the carton” and only order enough items to meet customer demand. Typically, this will set the item’s order quantity to one item.

The Break Pack Threshold $ value is specified for each EDI supplier individually, in Paladin Configuration, on the Suppliers tab. The default value is $10, and can be changed by an employee with appropriate permissions.

To learn more about the break pack threshold, see this KBA: Best Practices: How and why to use the Break Pack Threshold $ setting.

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