Build: 2_358, 9976.61
Build date: 20-Dec-16 Case 75894

In the Customers module, in the Alternate ID Manager, when you manually enter an alternate ID number, you must now select an ID type, such as Rich Rewards or your pharmaceutical system, before you click Add to associate the ID with the customer account.

This change allows you to add an ID number that already exists in Paladin Point of Sale when it belongs to a different ID type. For example, if a Repeat Rewards ID number 12345 already exists, you can add a pharmacy ID number 12345 by selecting the pharmacy ID type.

Previously, you entered the ID number first, and could only set the ID type after you clicked Add. If the number already existed, it prevented you from adding the ID. Duplicate alternate ID numbers of the same ID type are not allowed, even if they belong to different customer accounts.


Note: Alternate IDs that are added by EDI, a pharmacy integration, or other electronic process, did not have this issue and are not impacted by this update.

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