Build: 2_519, 9976.74
Build date: 17-Feb-17 Case 79998

In the Invoice/Quote module, when a customer account is not selected, and you click Advanced Lookup, and then click the History tab, the default search text is Recent Cash Sales. If you click Find, the search displays all cash sales from the last 48 hours that are not associated with a customer account.

Advanced Lookup default history search is Recent Cash Sales

Note: This update only added Recent Cash Sales as the default search text for clarity. The default search results in this scenario have not changed.

To view a complete history of all cash sales that are not associated with a customer account, follow these steps:

  1. On the top ribbon, click the Customers module or press Alt+2.
  2. On the bottom ribbon, click Advanced Lookup or press F1.
  3. In the Keyword Search box, enter Cash Sale, and then click Find.
  4. Highlight the customer Cash Sale, and then click Select Customer or press F8.
  5. Click the Credit
  6. In the Sales History pane, click the Customer Friendly magnifying glass.

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