Build: 8369

Date:  15-Jul-14

Build 8326 reported: “We have observed an inconsistent usage of the Ace Rewards Customer Name field used in Ace Hardware’s Hotsheet records.  Our new build implements several new rules which will significantly decrease of the likelihood of duplicated last names being added to Paladin POS customer data.  Clean up of existing data will be performed as updates are received from Ace Hardware.”

While Build 8326 solved the likely cause of the duplicate last names, it didn’t sufficiently address cleaning up existing data.  This build adds data validation to three specific areas of Ace Rewards customer name usage.

  1. Periodic data validation of existing data will remove duplicate surnames and change the account name for any non-charge customer that has been modified.
  2. Customer data uploaded to Ace Hardware will be scrubbed of duplicate surnames prior to upload.
  3. Data received from Ace Hardware will be scrubbed of duplicate surnames before being recorded into your database.

A field label in the Customers module – Ace Rewards tab has been renamed “Full Name”.

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