Build: 2_497, 9976.73
Build date: 13-Feb-17 Case 80823

This update only applies to Ace Hardware stores that use BAMS credit card processing.

We’ve added a safeguard in the Invoice/Quote module, that prevents a cashier from   cancelling an invoice that contains an activated Ace Hardware gift card. Paladin Point of Sale cannot cancel a gift card after it is activated.

In the Invoice/Quote module, during checkout, an Ace Hardware gift card is activated when the Gift Card Processing window appears. This window will display after you select a payment type, and the payment has processed.

Note: Ace Hardware cards processed by Monetra and Worldpay (formerly Vantiv) credit card processing already have this safeguard.

If you have activated a gift card and want to return the funds to your store, follow these steps:

  1. Complete the transaction with the original gift card sale, and use the selected payment type.
  2. Create an invoice, add a dump SKU line item, enter a price equal to the gift card amount, and then pay with the gift card.
  3. Create an invoice that returns all the items on the original invoice, where the gift card is replaced by an equivalent dump SKU line item.
  4. Complete the return and credit the original payment type.

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