Build: 7971

Date: 25-Jan-14

The Paladin POS departments of Development, Tech Writing and Social Media produce a wealth of information regarding Paladin POS.  These teams produce material in a variety of formats, all with the intent of providing continuing education to the individual users of Paladin POS.  The better educated a store’s employees are in the tools being used by the business, the better customer service they provide their customers AND the easier it is for them to perform their jobs well.

From our monitoring of Paladin Customer Service cases, it is our observation that much of the information we produce isn’t getting into the hands of the employees running Paladin POS.  This release of Paladin POS contains a gentle new feature that intends to improve the over all knowledge level of your employees with the tool used to run your business.

Beginning with installation of this version the first time an employee logs into Paladin POS she/he will be asked to enter an email address that we may periodically send information relevant to Paladin POS.  Our broadcasts regularly include Release notes, summaries of the ever popular Paladin Blog, Tech Tips along with the rare warnings of events related to EDI and any work-a-rounds for an issue.

Options available to all employees are:

No                  In which case we will not ask again
Not Now       We will ask again at the next login
F12 Finish    Your email address will be recorded in your employee record


Additional management functions related to email addresses can be found in File – Setup – Employee under each employee.  If the checkbox labeled “Opt Out of Emails” is checked, Paladin POS will not ask for this employee’s email again.  If an email address was present when the Opt Out box was checked, the employee’s email address is erased and replaced with “DO NOT EMAIL”.  If the employee has not opted out of the service, a blank or empty email field will cause Paladin POS to again display the above message the next time the employee signs into Paladin POS.

Every change made to an employee’s email address is instantly uploaded to one of the Paladin cloud servers tasked with receiving this information.  Twice a day Paladin’s messaging servers pull information from the cloud and merge all changes into Paladin’s Information Management system that is responsible for all emailed messages to stores.

Should an employee ever be set to inactive status, their email information is erased and this update is also sent to Paladin Data Corp.  This assures that former employees will no longer receive updates.

If you have questions or suggestions about this information, contact