Build: 7361.1/2

Date: 11-Feb-13 

We’ve seen a condition resulting in incorrect inventory items being updated during EDI in stores that support multiple EDI suppliers for their inventory items. While Paladin POS has systems to avoid competing supplier’s part numbers from colliding, it has been discovered that additional features were needed to control inventory updates from EDI in these situations.

You have always been able to select File – Setup – Company – EDI to enable EDI processing to recall inventory items by matching the item’s Supplier Order numbers to the data in the EDI record. This feature has been expanded to further protect you. Now you may instruct the EDI systems to match not only the Supplier Order Number, but also the actual Supplier ID used on that supplier order number to the supplier ID of the EDI file being processed. This eliminates any possibility of updating the wrong inventory item when two suppliers use the same Supplier Order number for different products.

To use this feature, follow the same pathway stated above, File – Setup – Company – EDI and check the box beside “Limit Supplier Order Number Lookup to EDI Supplier”. Click Save to record your changes.

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