Build:  8516

Date:  14-Oct-14

DIB EDI invoices may now contain data regarding your store’s Future Reserved items.  Prior to this enhancement, these invoice lines may have been processed as actual inventory received.  If you believe your store may have received data containing Future Reserved items, please review your EDI as-processed reports carefully to ensure no item requires received quantity corrections.

Beginning with this build, all Future Reserved items will not be received as delivered stock.  Paladin POS will accumulate all such data lines and report these occurrences to you in a newly created sub-report titled “Items with Flagged Status.”   As a reminder to all Paladin POS EDI managers, review of your EDI processing reports is the best method to learn exactly what was and wasn’t updated in your inventory.

If anyone desires additional training in this area, please submit a case requesting “continuing education” in EDI systems.

If you have questions or suggestions about this information, contact