A location system is a valuable organization method your store, making items easy to find for both you and your customers.  For example, the location L112 could represent the left side (L) of aisle 1, section 1, shelf 2.

In Paladin Point of Sale, it’s easy to set up a location system. To find out more, see How to set up a location system in your store.

If you have set up a location system, you’ll be able to quickly find discontinued items with the newly-added location ID in the Discontinued Item Report.

How it works

The Discontinued Item Report is an Excel report that provides information about items where:

  • The order quantity (Order Qty) is set to 0, and the value is locked.
  • The maximum quantity (Max Qty) is set to 0, and the value is locked.

This report has added a Location ID column.

New Location info in the Discontinued Item Report

You can find the Discontinued Item Report in the Reports module.

How to create the Discontinued Item Report

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