Build:  7005.2

Date:  25-Jun-12

You may now clean up (or prevent) negative SOH values on inventory records that are not real inventory items i.e. Ace Rewards Coupon SKUs and the miscellaneous dump SKUs that exist in your store. This new feature allows you to check the Non-Inventory box in the Item Information group of fields on the General Tab on each item that you wish to prevent SOH values from typically displaying a value of less than 0.

While this will not change a single penny of inventory value or skew a performance analysis in any way, it does clean up some reports like the Negative SOH List. This allows you to generate a report free from all the negative SOH clutter from non tangible dump SKUs that exist in your store.

If this feature is enabled for an item that has a current SOH of less than zero, SOH will be reset to zero the next time the item is sold OR the next time a full data validation is performed. Credit PO’s are still allowed to set negative SOH on items (even though this would be a very rare circumstance).

Naturally an administrator’s access level is required to set or clear this flag which protects you from unauthorized personnel inadvertently establishing this condition on any item. If you did not log into Paladin POS using your Admin Password, you will be required to enter it for every item changed. We also record the event in the SOH History Viewer for both establishing the SOH block and upon removing it as well.

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