Build: 7767

Date: 02-Oct-13

While the Customer Sales History Viewer has been around for some time, this addition is new to the system and will be of value to you and your employees. Customer account zero’s Sales History Viewer has a new button labeled “Show More”. This one account’s viewer has been modified to return only the newest 100 cash sale invoices. Want to see more? Simply click the new button (or ALT – S) to add the next 100 invoices to the viewer.

The reason this enhancement was built was to simplify use of customer account zero and its thousands (or hundreds of thousands) of cash sale invoices. Even though we continued to load data in the background, many workstations still appeared ‘tied up’ until all invoices were loaded. We believe this issue has been solved with our new approach.

The Paladin POS New Feature development group wants to remind everyone of the Invoice / Quote Advanced Lookup feature made available in the last major software update. Access the History tab, click the Part radio button and enter the part number or scan the barcode of the product you were trying to research. A list of ALL invoices that sold that product will be displayed along with customer name (if paid by credit / debit card).

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