Build: 7154.1-2

Date: 06-Nov-12

With today’s troubling economic times, you may not want to leave as much cash in your tills as has been typical for your store. Using Paladin’s new Cash Drop feature, you may withdraw any amount of cash from your registers, move it to a safer location, and all your end of day reports will document the Cash Drop withdrawal from each till for easy balancing.

The new Cash Drop system has been built as an extension to the venerable Paid Out / Paid In system in Paladin POS. To use this new feature, ask the cashier to advance to the invoice checkout screen with a blank invoice. Press F1 Cash. Use your manager’s key to open the till and withdraw the surplus cash from the drawer. In the Cash Tendered box enter the total of your withdrawal (as verified by the attending cashier) and press enter.

A message box appears labeled Paid Out Details (just as it always has for Paid Out / Paid In transactions). A new button is positioned in the bottom – center of the screen labeled Cash Drop>>. Tab to this button and press Enter or click the button. A new message is displayed asking for the password of the MANAGER that is performing the Cash Drop. The manager should input their password and then press Enter and the transaction is complete. A receipt will print confirming the Cash Drop. We suggest the cashier place this receipt in their till.

Three reports have been enhanced to provide details on this new feature.

The Period Register Balance reports now sport a new form of Cash types labeled “Cash Drop”. We’ve also enhanced the report label for Cash Paid Outs to “Cash Paid IN(+) / OUT(-)”. The new Cash Drop line will display the number of Cash Drops performed AND will detail the total of all Cash Drops as a negative amount (subtracted from the till). This allows the TOTAL CASH amount to equal exactly what is in your till. The bottom of this report now displays a new sub-report detailing all the Cash Drops. Each event displays the terminal, employee, date, time, manager and amount of the Cash Drop.

Transaction report’s “Additional Settings” window features a new Payment Method of “CashDrop” should you ever need the original invoices generated during the Cash Drops.

Our Period Comparative Revenue reports have also received the new Cash type of “CashDrop” as well. Just like the Till Balancing reports, the CashDrop amount will either be zero or negative (since we allow only cash withdrawn from the till).

We hope this new feature affords you less exposure through less cash left at risk and smaller till balances undoubtedly make less attractive targets. Be safe out there.

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