Build:  8275

Date:  23-May-14 updated 20-Jun-14

Zero dollar sales are becoming more common in today’s business world.  Whether it is a zero dollar co-pay or a defective exchange, zero dollar transactions occur.  Paladin POS has always delivered tight cash drawer management control allowing you to manage what type of payments will open the cash drawer.

This build adds another option to your cash drawer control options by allowing you to prevent cash drawers from opening on zero dollar sales.  After all, if no money changed hands why would you want the cash drawer to open?  The new feature, if enabled, will no longer open the cash drawer for a zero dollar cash sale (regardless of payment type selected, a zero dollar sale is recorded as a cash sale).

Do you remember from your training that cash drawers may be triggered directly from the Invoice / Quote checkout screen?  The command isn’t visible on the screen (we felt it more secure to not advertise the feature) but the function is present none the less.  Press F9 on the checkout screen.  A message box appears requesting a manager’s override approval.  After successful entry of a manager’s approval the cash drawer opens.  We feel this system is significantly safer than allowing employees to open cash drawers at will with zero dollar sales.

To enable this new control click File – Setup – Company – Invoice and check the box beside “Don’t Open Cash Drawer for Zero Dollar Cash Sales”.  Remember to click Save before exiting.


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