Build:  7005.1-2

Date:  25-Jun-12

Paladin POS has always allowed cancelation of a pending transaction any time before the receipt prints. If the sale was paid in full or part by credit cards, voids are automatically issued to the card processor to ‘kill’ the previously submitted payment requests. Upon the salesperson’s command to cancel the payment process, all payment information is erased and the user is returned to the checkout screen which is awaiting new instructions. This system provides a high degree of flexibility to the salesperson in accommodating customer needs and has been highly reliable.

To enhance this system we have built a warning message that will be displayed anytime a checkout process is canceled AFTER a card has been processed. The purpose of the warning message is to provide clarity to users that didn’t realize they pressed the ESC key or clicked on the Cancel button as well as to provide an opportunity to “cancel the cancel”. Now, should a user truly intend to cancel an approved card payment they must press F8 (in the new message box) to approve the cancel. If the cancel isn’t approved, the payment wizard returns to the step it was on.

Please note that some transactions may not be canceled. Any transaction involving loading / reloading of gift cards or merchandise return cards CAN NOT be canceled. The explanation for this is that the processors do not have VOID abilities for these processes. If a gift card has been loaded and authorized, regardless of the remaining payment options, the gift card has been activated and the funds to perform that task have already debited your account. So… these transactions cannot be canceled.

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