Build: 9853
Build date: 18-May-16

When invoicing needs a cashier’s attention, the barcode scanner will stop scanning, play a three-beep alert, and flash three times. Until the cashier takes action, scanning will not continue.

Alerts can happen for many reasons. For example, a scanned part number may not be found in your active inventory or a restricted item may require additional customer information.

After the cashier addresses the situation, scanning can continue.

illustration of scanner stopping, and beeping and flashing three times

This feature improves checkout efficiency. In the past, when action was needed and then cashier didn’t notice the message on the screen, they could continue to scan items, even though these items were not being added to the invoice. This new feature prevents this from happening.

How to setup this feature 

To setup scanners in your store, contact Paladin Point of Sale Customer Support (1-800-725-2346, option 2 or During the setup process, you will need to be at the terminal with the barcode scanner. Each terminal and scanner must be setup separately.

When you order a new scanner on or after September 1, it will ship with this new feature enabled. However, Paladin Point of Sale Customer Support will need to setup the terminal that you use with the scanner.

If you have questions or suggestions about this information, contact