Build: 9819
Build date: 29-Apr-16 Case 56991

You can now both download and process Orgill EDI files in the EDI Processing window in Paladin Point of Sale. This feature was first introduced last year for House Hasson and True Value EDI files, and will be available for more EDI suppliers soon.

Traditionally, EDI processing has been done in two steps. First, the EDI file is downloaded using a separate program outside of Paladin Point of Sale—typically by clicking an icon on your computer’s desktop. Then, after the file downloads, the EDI processing is performed from within Paladin Point of Sale.

With this upgrade, the separate download program is no longer needed because both the file download and EDI processing will be done in Paladin Point of Sale through the EDI Processing window.

How it works

When Paladin Point of Sale is setup to process Orgill EDI using this new method, a Download Files button appears in the EDI Processing window when you click EDI or press F9 in the Inventory module. Then, when you click Download Files, an EDI Maintenance Processing window appears so you can select and confirm the supplier. If there is more than one supplier option, select Orgill, and then click OK to download the EDI files.

Important: While the file is downloading, you will see a spinning wheel. Do not interrupt the download process. You must wait for the Download Complete message window to appear before continuing.

Orgil EDI maintenance processing window

After the files are downloaded, a Download Complete message window informs you that the EDI file downloads are complete.

Orgial EDI files downloaded message

To process the files, click Continue.

How to setup this feature

The traditional EDI processing method will continue to work alongside the new method as more EDI suppliers are upgraded. If you want to use the new method for your Orgill integration, contact Paladin Point of Sale Customer Support (1-800-725-2346, option 2 or, and they will set it up for you.

Every new Paladin Point of Sale installation will download EDI files using the new method (for supported suppliers). This method will also be used going forward when new EDI capability is added for a supplier.

Watch for future announcements as more EDI suppliers receive this upgrade.

To learn more about how this new method works for House Hasson, read this previous release note.

If you have questions or suggestions about this information, contact