Build: 9966
Build date: 8-Jul-16

Important: To prevent $0.00 sale prices, do not use this feature unless every terminal in your store has general release build 9976 or later.

When you set an item’s Sale List price to zero, percentage discount or markup pricing plans will now calculate the sale price using the item’s retail price or cost value. Here are some examples that show you how the price calculations work.

Sale list price Pricing plan discount or markup % Retail price Cost value (Avg,Mkt,Last) Sale price
0.00 10% discount 20.00 N/A 18.00
0.00 10% markup N/A 15.00 16.50
80.00 10% discount N/A N/A 72.00


The automatic price calculations for zero-dollar Sale List items only happen when the pricing plan Markup or Discount field is set to DiscountPercent or MarkupPercent. Make sure you also enter a percentage value (Amt %), and select a Cost or Retail Price value (Retail_Price, Average_Cost, Last_Cost, Market_Cost) to use to calculate the sales price.

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