Paladin Point of Sale General Release 9737 is the last release that will support the Windows XP and Windows Vista operating systems.

When the next General Release—tentatively scheduled for July 2016—is installed, some or all of the Paladin Point of Sale software may no longer work on PCs that are running Windows XP or Windows Vista.

It is in your best interest to run a newer Windows version on all of your PCs. Microsoft has ended, or will be ending, support for older Windows operating systems.  If you continue to use the older operating systems, you expose yourself to significant security vulnerabilities and limited functionality.

  • Windows XP:  Microsoft ended all support on April 8, 2014.
  • Windows Vista:  Microsoft ended mainstream support on April 10, 2012 and will end extended support on April 11, 2017.

With the end of support for Windows XP and Windows Vista, Paladin Point of Sale can now utilize the advanced features of newer Windows versions.

If you have PCs that are running Windows XP or Windows Vista, please contact Paladin Point of Sale Customer Service (1-800-725-2346, option 2 or to learn about replacement options. We have several models and purchase plans that will help you upgrade to a newer Windows operating system.


Paladin Point of Sale Team

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