Build: 7667.1/2

Date: 05-Aug-13

For nearly 35 years, Paladin Data Corp has maintained that its Accounts Receivable system display and use all customer credits regardless of a past, current or future date on the credit. With completion and deployment of our new ACH payment system, a situation has been recognized where it appears acceptable to block or hide future customer payments from current view or consideration. The specific situation involves a store that has agreed to take a few scheduled ACH based payments to satisfy a single large ticket purchase.

One of the cornerstone tenants of improving your business is to improve the efficiency at which you conduct your operations. This new feature allows you to set-it-and-forget-it with respect to an agreed upon payment plan. Once the payment schedule is entered into Paladin POS, the future payments will be automatically submitted to the ACH system on the dates specified. No reminders, no lists to maintain or review, no further actions from anyone is necessary. The payments will occur on the dates specified and will not affect the customer’s account balance until each payment is actually processed and received. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

This feature requires ACH payments be enabled (no other payment type can be automatically scheduled and collected). Paladin Customer Service can enable this feature for anyone desiring it.

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