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Now you can access all our help resources in one place!

  • Search the Knowledge Base for articles that help with a particular task.
  • Watch a webinar, or sign up for the next one.
  • Read about our latest features.
  • Check your cases, or create a new one.

Meet the new Help Portal

We’re excited to introduce our new Help Portal. We put all of our help content in one website to make it easy for you to find the resources that you need.

Help Portal home page

Open the Help Portal in your browser—without signing in

When you open the Help Portal ( in your browser, you can get to any content type from the quick-access menu.

Open the Help Portal from Paladin Point of Sale

The Help menu in Paladin Point of Sale also takes you to the new Help Portal.  For example, when you click Knowledge Base, the Knowledge Base page will open in a separate browser window, and you can search all Knowledge Base articles (KBAs).

Getting to the Help Portal from Paladin Point of Sale

When help content opens in a separate browser window, it gives you a much better experience than viewing it within Paladin Point of Sale. Here are a few reasons why:

  • You can read the instructions in the KBA while you perform the steps in Paladin Point of Sale. Two monitors are ideal for this although you can switch between Paladin Point of Sale and the browser window.
    Using two monitors
  • You can save pages as favorites or bookmarks.
  • You can search across all four content types:
    • Knowledge Base
    • Webinars
    • Videos
    • New Features

Search everything or just one thing

In the Help Portal, you can search broadly across all help content or narrow it down to one content type.

To search all help content, use the search bar on the home page of the Help Portal or click the magnifying glass at the top of any page.
Search all help content in two ways

To narrow your search to a specific content type, search from the content page.

Example:  To search for only Knowledge Base articles, click Knowledge Base in the menu, and then use the search bar on that page.


Tip: When in doubt, click About

KBA titles that start with About show you all the topics for a particular subject. If you don’t know exactly which article that you want, but you know the subject, an About article might help.

A link to a list of About articles — About: When in doubt, click about — is always available on the Knowledge Base page.

Search the Knowledge Base

Using the About articles

Identify help content quickly with icons   

In the search results, you will see icons next to article titles. The icons help you choose the right content for your needs when you search all the help resources.

Help Portal icons

We’ve also created My Cases and Remote Access icons.

Signed in icons

Sign in to manage your cases and create new ones

To access your cases, click Sign in on the top banner, and then enter the credentials that you use to sign in to the Paladin Store. After you are signed in, click My Cases.

Sign in to view cases

View your cases or create a new one

To view an existing case, click the case title. To create a new case, click Create a case and fill out the form.

Form to create a case

If you’ve created cases before, the process will be familiar with a few improvements:

  • You can choose an existing contact, or you can add yourself or someone else as a new contact.
  • You can specify any contact email address and phone number to use for the case, so we can contact the right person with questions and follow-up.
  • You will receive a confirmation email that your case was received, and we will communicate with you about your case by email – including requests for more information and steps to resolve your case. This new process lets you to answer questions and read messages when it is convenient for you. To ensure your case is resolved quickly and efficiently, check your email frequently for messages from us. You may still be contacted by phone, if needed.
  • You no longer need to close old open cases that are no longer valid. If we haven’t heard back from you about a case within seven days of our last email or phone message, we will close the case automatically. You can always re-open a case.

Sign up for the next webinar and view past recordings

On the Webinars page, you can sign up for the next weekly presentation or search for a previous one to watch.
Register for a webinar

Get Customer Support assistance with Remote Access

If you are signed in, you can click Remote Access to give a Paladin representative a connection to your computer.

Sign in for remote access

Give us your feedback

The Help Portal offers many ways for you to tell us what you think and want.

Tell us your ideas for Paladin Point of Sale

Have a feature suggestion that would make Paladin Point of Sale even better? Or would you like a quote for a customized software solution? If this is you, click Suggest a new feature on the My Cases page and tell us.

Request a new feature

Want to suggest a webinar topic? 

You can enter your idea on the Webinars page.

webinar topic request

Was a Knowledge Base article helpful or not? How can we improve it? 

You can cast your vote with the Helpful or Unhelpful buttons, and then enter your suggestions in the feedback form at the end of each content page

Help topic feedback form

Do you like the Help Portal? How can we make it work better for you?

We want to know! Enter your idea in the feedback form at the end of the Contact Us page.

Help Portal feedback

Make the Help Portal a browser favorite

We’ve designed the Help Portal for our clients. Bookmark it, so it’s convenient for you find.

Keep checking back because we add new content almost every day.

And don’t forget to tell us what you think—we’re always listening for how we can do better!


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