Build: 9689
Build date: 29-Feb-16 Case 57479

We’ve improved the search capability of Advanced Lookup when you perform a secondary search.

A secondary search lets you look for information within your first set of results. For example, you can search your inventory by supplier, and then search for a particular supplier item.

To search with Advanced Lookup, follow these steps.

  1. Click Advanced Lookup or press F1.
  2. Choose your search options and perform an initial search.

    Note: Advanced Lookup search options change depending on the module you are in and what you are looking for.

  3. To perform a secondary search limited to your first set of results, click Results or press F1.Note: If a Results button is not displayed, the secondary search is not available.

    advanced lookup secondary search button

  4. In the Find within Results box, enter a search term, and then click Find Next or press F3. If a result is found, that row is highlighted.
  • To move to the next result, click Find Next or press F3 again.
  • To reverse the search, click Find Prev or press F4.You can enter item quantities or select multiple rows (depending on the search) as you look through the results.
    Secondary search box

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