Build: 7971

Date: 25-Jan-14

Paladin POS is explicitly designed and intended to be used in a manner that does not intersect the requirements of HIPAA, or use or disclose protected health information (PHI).  To further assist our pharmacy stores achieve the goal of “no PHI outside the dispensing system” this release contains two new controls you are free to utilize.  We have enhanced the existing control of “Invoice/Receipt Hide Customer Info” (found on the forms tab in Setup) which hides customer address and phone numbers with a new option labeled “Invoice/Receipt Hide Customer Name”.  Some people are concerned that a customer’s name on a receipt might constitute PHI.  Should you be concerned about this, you may now hide their name from original and duplicate receipts and invoices.

The second enhanced control is located on the Pharmacy tab in Setup in the Pharmacy UPC group box and is labeled “Use only last 4 digits of pickup number”.  Now you may mask the number used to pickup an Rx system order on all invoices and records.  Most sources we’ve found don’t believe that a pickup number is PHI, but if you have concerns that it is PHI, enable this new control and only the last four digits of the pickup number will be printed on any receipt / invoice or stored in your store’s database.

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