Build:  7005.1-2

Date:  25-Jun-12

While this isn’t so much a New Feature as it is continuing education, we felt it important that you understand key differences in reporting between Paladin POS and Ace Hardware’s Ace Rewards reports.

The issue came to light when an Ace Rewards store wanted to know why Paladin’s Comparative Revenue report for the first three months of this year stated his charges as 11.7% of his total revenue, and his Ace Rewards report for the same period stated his “House Accounts” business was 12.1% of his total gross revenue. Actually they are both correct and there is nothing wrong with the data on either side. This is simply an issue of Paladin and Ace Hardware looking at the same data differently.

Paladin POS is invoice driven. Your comparative revenue report details the EXACT payment type used for every invoice. The report compiled by Ace Hardware (from the same data) is customer driven. Ace is telling you what your customers (with charge privileges) bought regardless of how they were paid. In this case, Ace is reporting cash sales made by charge customers as “House Account” sales, and yes, the percentage of total sales will be higher than is reported by Paladin POS for CHARGE sales.

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