Build:  8772

Date:  11-Feb-15

Stores participating in Ace Hardware’s Ace Rewards program may now enroll new members from within Paladin POS.  Along with new member sign up this version includes “needs more information” updates specific to the fields requested by Ace Hardware.  The familiar Ace Rewards look up screen has received a few cosmetic updates as well as a cleaner, easier to use command key sequence.  Following is an image of the new Ace Rewards lookup window.


Once a user enters anything into the Ace Rewards ID or Phone Number field, the F1 Adv. Lookup button is hidden.  Since the only option ever available to users after a manual entry is Search, having the other button visible caused some users to press it.  The view during a manual entry looks like this:


Once the Search button is pressed AND a phone number match is found, the window clears and the user is delivered to the Invoice / Quote screen.

In the situation where a phone number match is not found, the following window is displayed:


Options available to the user include pressing the number 1 to try a different phone number or click 1 – Try Again (the screen will clear and the original Ace Rewards window will be displayed).

Or press 2 and enter New Member Sign Up.

Before looking at New Member Sign up, let’s review searches by Ace Rewards number.  In situations where a match through National Lookup wasn’t found, the following screen will be displayed:


While the above image is nearly identical to the prior, one more option exists with a rewards number lookup than does with phone number.  It is conceivable at some point in time, National Lookup may be offline.  Nothing is more important than completing sales to customers in your store, and in cases where the customer knows their Ace Rewards member ID, choose option #3, use the number as entered and report this number directly to Ace.

Back to New Member Sign Up:


The above image was generated via customer lookup by phone number.  Since we started with a phone number, Ace Hardware has returned customer information from a national lookup service as to whom this phone number belongs.  Any field MAY be edited, but the fields in yellow are required to be completed.  Notice the cursor is displayed in the Reward Number field.  Scan the customer’s new Ace Rewards card number with a bar code scanner.  Tab or click through the remaining fields.  Click or press OK when done.

Had we accessed this window via a new Ace Rewards ID, the phone number field(s) would be yellow and after entering a phone number the user should press the Lookup button to retrieve phone number owner information.

Click or press OK when completed.  Your new Ace Rewards customer is transmitted to Ace Hardware and is ready to become a regular customer of your store.


One of the options returned from Ace Hardware during an Ace Rewards member National Lookup is “Need more information”.  Rather than automatically transitioning to the Invoice / Quote screen, a version of the New Member Sign Up screen is displayed, as is shown below:


Complete the requested information (fields in yellow) and press or click OK when done.  If this is an inopportune time for the customer, click or press Cancel to skip Ace Hardware’s update request.

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