Build: 7971

Date: 25-Jan-14

One of the many new sale types from Ace Hardware involves placing items that are privately branded as Ace Hardware, on sale while excluding non Ace branded items.  Paladin POS now contains data storage for this additional information and every time a Hotsheet file is processed in your store, this information is updated on every item in the Hotsheet.

It is our understanding here at Paladin Data Corp that use of the new Ace Branded sale is several months away, but every store should visit with their designated Ace Hardware representatives to learn more about this new sale.  Please understand the only items that will be updated in your inventory are the items contained in the Hotsheet downloads.  It may be necessary for you to request an all item Hotsheet to assure all inventory items are updated prior to the first use of the new sale.

If you have questions or suggestions about this information, contact