Build:  8237

Date:  06-May-14

Phase one of Ace Hardware’s Ace Rewards National Lookup is contained in this build.  From this point forward your store will retrieve Ace Rewards customers not only from your database, but from the Ace Hardware national database of all Ace Rewards customers.  Build 8237 vastly simplifies checkout for stores and customers that hold a non-locally generated Ace Rewards card.

The major points of this update are:

  • NO Change in normal function, screen design or commands
  • If a rewards number is known, Paladin POS searches the store’s data and if no match is found then automatically searches the National Lookup database.
  • If a rewards number is not known, you may search by the customer’s phone number.

Everyone involved in Ace Rewards is familiar with the following screen.  Notice the single field label has been modified instructing everyone that entry of a phone number in this field is now acceptable.


Entry of a customer’s Ace Rewards number is unchanged.


One of the significant benefits of build 8237 is that this customer will be recalled even though they didn’t enroll for Ace Rewards in your store.  Every non-local customer will display an account number of 0 followed by their name.  Notice the distant address that was recalled too.


A common scenario in the checkout lane is a customer with an Ace Rewards account, but their card isn’t present.  Ask for their phone number.  Enter this information in the regular Ace Rewards ID field.  Phone number may be entered using hyphenation as in this example:


Or, phone numbers may be entered as a 10 digit string of numbers as in this example:


If a phone number isn’t found in either your store’s data or the National Lookup database the following message is displayed:


If an Ace Rewards number isn’t found in either your store’s data or the National Lookup database the following message is displayed:


In cases where the customer has just joined Ace Rewards and has been handed a new Ace Rewards card, this screen allows you to allow the sale to complete with a card number unknown to National Lookup.  Simply check the box on “Use value as Ace Rewards Id even if not found” and click OK.

You might question how Paladin POS prevents phone numbers (10 digits long) from being confused with Ace Rewards numbers.  Paladin POS knows what number sequences are allowable for Ace Rewards numbers and these sequences are not used in United States phone numbers.

Two other fields that have always been available for customer lookup (but seldom used), Rewards field on the invoice and Phone field on the invoice both support National lookup but are limited to that specific field type.

National Lookup has several additional features to be presented in a not-to-distant build.  Given the importance of the May BOGO paint sale we felt the above documented ability significantly improved function of your store and was worth rushing to you despite additional features still under construction.

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