Using a new Paladin integration with Ace Hardware, Paladin EDI will automatically update your inventory with the latest Ace Hotsheets and maintenance updates overnight. This new feature will significantly reduce EDI processing times for store owners and the bulk of the inventory updates will be made before you arrive at your store.

Ace EDI Overnight Processing Graphic

Ace EDI invoices must still be processed manually, and any Hotsheet price increases will also be delayed (not processed) until you manually run Ace EDI  (Inventory module > EDI (F7) > Download Files). 

How it works

Ace Hotsheets are automatically processed overnight

In this new system, at 4 am local time, Paladin EDI will process the latest Ace Hotsheet and maintenance updates, including inventory and customer account changes, with these exceptions:

  • If a new price is higher, the price update will be delayed until you manually run EDI. This safeguard helps prevent a checkout price from being unexpectedly higher than the bin tag price on your store shelf.
  • If a price is set by a reference margin, the item cost will be updated, but the price update will be delayed until you manually run EDI.
  • Ace invoices will not be processed until you manually run EDI.

Note: Your Ace EDI price update settings in Paladin Configuration (File > Setup > Supplier tab) will always be respected. For example, if your settings only allow price updates if the price is higher, the automatic Hotsheet processing will not lower any prices.

Some manual EDI processing is still required but takes less time

You must still run EDI ( (Inventory module > EDI [F9] > Download Files) to process invoice files and accept price increases on items. However, the overnight processing should significantly reduce your wait time for EDI processing to complete.

You can view the pending price increases prior to running EDI, in the EDI Reporting window.

To do this, in the EDI Processing window, before you click Download Files, click Reporting. In the EDI Reporting window, look for files with a red X in the Pending Prices column. The files contain delayed price updates.

Ace Delayed Prices Hotsheet EDI Reporting screenshot

To view a file’s delayed price details in Excel, click the its magnifying glass. In the Excel report, items with pending price updates will have an “X” in the Pending Price column. For these items, the listed retail price is the new price that will be applied when you manually run EDI processing. The current price in your inventory does not appear.

Excel EDI Report Showing Pending Price screenshot

After you manually run EDI and price increases are applied, the red X icon in the Pending Price column will change to a green checkmark.

Ace Delayed Prices Hotsheet EDI Reporting screenshot

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