Build:  8312

Date:  10-Jun-14

Paladin POS has been successfully tested using Ace Hardware’s July sales event data along with the new type 2 sale records.  All known sale types are supported and observed to function correctly.  Following the same path as was proven so successful for the Memorial Day BOGO sale, all sale data is contained inside this updated version of Paladin POS (no Hotsheet processing is required to load the sale!).  Over-night data validation will create the Sale Lists and Pricing Plans necessary to enable this new sale.

Release of this software version (build 8324 actually) has already begun and will be installed for all stores before the end of June.  We suggest you follow the same verification steps outlined in build 8222 on 01-May-14 to satisfy yourself the new sales are in fact loaded and ready to run.

We hope everyone has a successful sale and a strong launch into summer.

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