Build:  8222

Date:  01-May-14

Paladin POS now contains all known features and requirements of Ace Hardware’s new BOGO sale structure.  The following instructions document installation, setup, and verification of the new sale.

Paladin has entirely automated the May Paint BOGO Sale setup process.  If your Paladin system has been enabled for Ace Hardware’s Dynamic Promotions, this feature and Ace Hardware’s May BOGO sale will be downloaded for you via Paladin’s automatic software update prior to 12-May-14.

Software updates are released in stages beginning with Beta test stores and incrementally progressing through a General release.  After your store receives build 8222 (or higher) perform the following functions to validate Ace’s sale is installed and configured for the sale start date of 14-May-14.

1.  Verify Paladin POS build 8222 (or higher) has been installed in each of your terminals.

Click the Help menu and click About.  The version (build) number has four parts separated by periods:  When the third part  (yyyy) matches or exceeds build 8222, this is proof the new version has been successfully installed.  If you fail to update, click Help, click Open A Case and advise Paladin Customer Service of your situation.

2.  Verify Ace Hardware’s Dynamic Promotion features are enabled.

Click File – Setup – Company – scroll down the screen to the EDI group box and verify “Enable Special Promotion Coupons” is checked.  If not, check the box and click SAVE.  Exit Paladin Configuration.


3.  If status of “Enable Special Promotions” from step 2 was modified, exit Paladin POS and restart the application.

4.  Paladin’s nightly data validation service will automatically install and configure the BOGO sale the first night AFTER the new version is running in your store.  If you need to accelerate the process Data Validation may be manually initiated by clicking – Maintain – Data Validation – Daily Validation.

5.  Validate the prior steps were successful.

  • Click Maintain – Data Viewer – Instant Savings tab
  • Check the box beside “include Future”
  • Click Get Data button
  • In the section labeled “Pricing Plans” highlight either “Clark+Ken Paint BOGO” or “Valspar Opti Paint BOGO” Pricing Plan name.
  • Look at the Sale Items window for the list of paint SKU’s active in the sale
  • Beginning and ending dates are listed in columns to the far right (you may need to scroll or increase the size of the screen to view them).
  • These dates will match the BOGO sale dates of 14-May-14 through 18-May-14.


Installation, setup, and validation is now complete.

Use of the BOGO sale during a customer invoicing event is simple and understandable. No operator action or management is required.  Simply sell the products the customer desires and Paladin POS will apply and enforce the rules defined by Ace Hardware Corp.   In the following example a customer purchased two gallons of each brand of Paint that caused automatic credit lines to be displayed refunding the BOGO value back to the customer.  All purchase limits are automatically enforced.


Best wishes on your new sale and naturally should you have need of Paladin Customer Support in any capacity please contact us.

If you have questions or suggestions about this information, contact