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8 Ways to Attract Customers to Your Store

What’s one of the most challenging things about starting a business? Maybe it’s setting up your store, or finding a building. Finding customers and appealing to the crowds is certainly on the list! You need customers to support your business. Some of the biggest...

3 Business Mistakes Every Store Should Avoid

There is no way to avoid every mistake. No matter how hard we try, there is no end-all, cure-all remedy for getting rid of the occasional error. They can’t always be avoided, you can’t predict all of them. The only unexpected surprises that people enjoy are gifts, not...

3 Reasons Why Loyalty Programs are Worth It

Why have a loyalty program? Do they actually work? We all know what they say about loyalty programs, but is it true? Does a promise of saving a few pennies actually inspire loyalty? Are they worth an investment? Answer this question: If you were shopping for sneakers...

Is a Bluetooth Scanner Worth the Extra Investment?

Looking at your scanner options, you have many different choices. Let’s boil it all down to two: corded and non-corded. Not being tied to the cash register is definitely nice, but is it worth the extra cash? I’ll let you make up your own mind, but let me give you all...

Check Up on Your Store Any Time With Mobile Point of Sale Access!

Seven minutes. He had seven minutes to get to the airport and be ready for his flight. Traffic hadn't been kind, and the terminal was busy, but he'd gotten to the right place. Now, he stood and watched the other passengers who watched him in return. Vacation was going...

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