As the saying goes, nothing in life is certain except death and taxes. Death happens once. Taxes never seem to go away. In addition to collecting sales tax, retailers have to report, file, and pay those taxes to local and state governments. If you deliver to different counties or states, taxes become even more complicated.

Paladin Point of Sale is now integrated with Avalara’s AvaTax service. AvaTax does a lot more than just calculate sales tax at the bottom of a point of sale receipt.

Cloud-based: If tax rates change in your area or in any of 12,000 other jurisdictions, AvaTax updates your tax collection automatically.

Reports: AvaTax can provide on-demand, up-to-date reports showing how much is owed to any city, county, or state in which you do business.

Location Aware: If your business delivers or ships to other areas, AvaTax uses the latest U.S. Postal Service approved data to verify the transaction location before sales tax is applied.

Scalable: Once your Paladin Point of Sale system is running AvaTax, you can add additional terminals as you need them. New terminals come online instantly.

AvaTax keeps your business compliant no matter how often tax rates change. Avalara even guarantees the accuracy of calculations made by AvaTax. A simple, no hassle solution.

George Maginnis