Winter 2019-2020 General Release 

Our Winter 2019-2020 Release is now rolling out and it has an array of new features and integrations will put your data to work and help you unlock your business potential.  

One is our latest feature, Chat Support, that puts help where you need it most – directly in the Paladin software. Instead of moving to a separate program to get to a support website, or placing a call to a technician, we give you answers with a couple of clicks of a mouse or keyboard. 

To start a chat session with Paladin support, simply select the Help tab at the top of the screen, click on Chat Support in the drop-down menu, and type in a brief description of how we can help you. Chat Support offers you instant assistance and answers to simple questions and gives you an avenue to open a support case if the items require follow-up. Learn more.

Other new features include: 

  • Order Analyst™ – Our powerful Market Driven Inventory Management system gets even stronger with the addition House-Hasson Hardware, one of America’s largest regional wholesalers. Automate ordering and save money by finding the lowest-cost suppliers for your inventory items.  
  • BOGOs – Buy One, Get One discounts are hands-down the most popular sales promotions in the retail industry. Our BOGO feature lets you design and customize your own BOGO sales. 
  • Serialization– This new feature enables the tracking of sales and warranty information for any product with a serial number. 

Along with our new Paladin features, we embrace using specialized software for your business and understand that managing information between multiple systems can be tedious and time-consuming. That’s why we’re constantly developing integrations with third-party software and services to reduce manual tasks and put your data to work. 

Below are some of our latest integrations: 

  • Pointy levels the online playing field with big-box stores and online giants by featuring your products and pricing within Google searches. It puts your products in front of more local shoppers improving your online presence and sales performance. 
  • Sage accounting streamlines your bookkeeping practices no matter what size business you have. This integration with Paladin allows you to easily to manage accounting and accounts payable.
  • Point of Rental allows you to easily set up, manage and track rental maintenance, inventory and much more. This will increase business by turning your store into a rental destination. 

Brian Bullock