You may be missing a large opportunity to strengthen and expand your profits if your store isn’t selling directly to other businesses (known as selling B2B). Business customers provide reliable and consistent income for your company.

You probably know numerous owners or decision makers associated with local businesses. Instead of waiting for these customers to come to you, pay them a visit. This is a personable and easy way to start selling B2B.

For example, let’s say there is a real estate office, preschool and gym nearby. What supplies do they need regularly that you already stock or can order?

Could you offer the real estate office signs and related hardware, sold decals, or realtor lock boxes for keys?

The preschool likely goes through significant amounts of dry erase supplies, brown Kraft paper, disinfectant and spot removing cleaners.

As for the gym, they probably need to purchase replacement mirrors, flooring materials, and lighting supplies. 

Start the partnership by establishing a relationship with each business. Meeting face-to-face creates an opportunity to learn what they need and what it would take for them to buy from you. Offer special pricing, free delivery, and other services to add value. Don’t be afraid to offer supplies you may have to special order.

Be observant. Any business with 10 or more employees is likely to have a recurring need for the products you can provide.

George Maginnis