Industrial robots have been around for over a half century, first getting their gears wet in the automobile industry when they were used for spot welding cars and trucks on ceaseless assembly lines. As technology improved, so has the ability and usability of the bots, and the retail industry is taking advantage.

Online retail giant Amazon currently utilizes more than 100,000 robots to scan barcodes in its massive warehouses. Last year, Walmart moved robots on to the sales floor, using them to scan shelved items to find sold-out, missing or misplaced items.

Paladin has been providing business owners, who might not want or need R2D2 roaming their aisles or desire a higher level of inventory control, this technology since the 1980s. Why wait until items are out of stock before re-ordering? Paladin marries its state-of-the-art retail software with barcode scanners to help small business owners monitor sales and control inventory better than retail megastores.

Retail point of sale systems allow you to customize your company’s sales data to improve inventory management, analyze sales and customer behavior, and broaden your store’s appeal by uncovering buying trends. The systems can be used for a single store or a business with multiple locations.

By accurately monitoring sales, you instantly know what’s on the shelves and in the storeroom, are aware of your store’s sales history and sales trends, and can customize your company’s data to fit your needs.